TAG Heuer & Women

Who is the TAG Heuer woman ?

A modern woman leads a life as multi-faceted as a diamond and as complex as the workings of a watch movement. Professional life, family commitments, relationships, interests, community, challenges, aspirations – each of these aspects exist in a combination that is uniquely you. Whatever facet you decide to reveal today, TAG Heuer pays tribute to the woman you are…always.

Strong… “Success didn’t come overnight - I had to fight. Not only other competitors, I also had to fight stereotyping, I had to fight myself.” The strength of character that drives Maria Sharapova to succeed finds expression in the new TAG Heuer Lady F1 ceramic watch. Made from cutting-edge ceramic material, it combines sporty chic with unassailable durability.

Dynamic… The TAG Heuer woman is always improving her game, always evolving. Like the TAG Heuer Monaco, whose vintage styling and diamond-studded square-case house the most advanced timing technology in Swiss watchmaking.

Complex…“When I’m on the tennis court I’m totally concentrated. I don’t give a second’s thought to being alluring; I am driven by a raging passion for victory. But when I go shopping, I’m no longer the tennis star, just a woman who wants to be appreciated.” For women who celebrate their complexity, the elegant classicism of a women’s Carrera - multi-functional chronographs which are easy to use.

Glamorous…When the TAG Heuer woman steps out for an evening, she knows that the enduring beauty of diamonds and mother-of-pearl only highlight her allure. The Link Lady’s distinctive ergonomic bracelet and sporty elegance give it the flexibility to go effortlessly from day to night.