TAG Heuer men’s luxury watches and women’s swiss watches make timekeeping an art.

Within the world of Swiss watches and luxury watches – well known for their quality and precision – TAG Heuer timepieces are in a class apart. Featuring the most advanced technology and unconventional design, they are much more than luxury timepieces or sports watches – they are the benchmark in watchmaking.

Indeed, TAG Heuer chronograph watches are recognised as the height of Swiss watch timekeeping accuracy. As such, the brand’s luxury sport watches are the official timekeepers of one of the world’s most prominent races, the Monaco Grand Prix. TAG Heuer is also proud to be the official partner of Oracle Team USA, winner of the America’s Cup, and cherished Formula 1 automotive manufacture McLaren – bringing together speed and timekeeping precision in perfect harmony.

In doing so, TAG Heuer combines hand craftsmanship with the best in today’s technology. Its ladies’ and men’s watches inspire innovation and excellence while upholding its rich heritage. Fully modern yet decidedly timeless, a TAG Heuer swiss watch exceeds mere aesthetics: ensuring this first-rate mechanical precision, its automatic watches boast high frequencies beginning at 21,600 vibrations per hour and climbing all the way to 360,000 vibrations per hour, as exemplified by the Calibre 360. It is not surprise, then, that a number of its automatic watch movements have earned the prestigious Official Swiss Chronometer Control (C.O.S.C.) certificate.

When it comes to aesthetics, TAG Heuer swiss timepieces are just as impressive. Fashioned by the field’s utmost experts, these luxury Swiss watches blend the finest materials in perfect harmony. Whether utilising the best in traditional materials – like solid gold or stainless steel, calfskin or alligator leather – or complementing them with more current, contemporary materials – like high-tech rubber and modern fabric – TAG Heuer blurs the lines of what sports watches and luxury watches truly are. Likewise, with fine brushing, black PVD finish and ruthenium treatment, the watches’ quality finishes are both sophisticated yet innovative, attractive yet ever functional.

Not to be left behind, its watches for women are the summit of discrete elegance, with its diamond watches adding a particularly soft sparkle of femininity to the iconic men’s watch models that have built TAG Heuer’s reputation: the TAG Heuer Carrera, the Aquaracer, the Monaco, the Link and the TAG Heuer Formula 1. Boasting luxury materials and clean lines, these tasteful ladies’ timepieces continue the tradition of expert craftsmanship and impressive accuracy that have shaped the brand’s DNA for more than a hundred years.

All this to say that TAG Heuer timepieces are about more than just luxury or precision: they embody the best that Swiss craftsmanship has to offer. Arrestingly beautiful yet fully dependable, finely crafted yet resolutely high-tech, strikingly contemporary yet timelessly refined: TAG Heuer gives new meaning to luxury watches for men and women.


For the first time, a 100% electric GT car is about to cross the People's Republic of China. TAG Heuer's Tesla Roadster started yesterday its journey throughout the second largest country by land area in the world. On June 8, it made several appearances in Beijing, the multi-facetted capital of this buzzing country.

As a new ambassador of the brand, young Chinese GP2 racing driver and aspiring F1 driver Ho-Pin Tung was proud to tour the city with this fireball of an electric car. Ho-Pin was enthousiastic to present TAG Heuer's Tesla Roadster to the Chinese passerbys. Ho-Pin posed in TAG Heuer fashion in front of the iconic landmarks of the former imperial city.

During this TAG Heuer and Tesla cosmopolitan tour, all aspects of the capital were highlighted: the modern and busy Central Business District, the Beijing National Stadium built especially for the 2008 Olympic Games, as well as the Ming City Wall dating back into the early 15th Century.

Linking history to technology, TAG Heuer's Tesla Roadster will next stop along the Great Wall of China, on its way to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of QuFu, before heading to Shanghai.

Congratulations to the China team and good luck to Ho-Pin Tung on his upcoming races!