Cristiano Ronaldo The perfectionist

TAG Heuer ambassador Cristiano Ronaldo playing football

I never tried to hide the fact that it is my intention to become the best

A unique road to success

Before Cristiano Ronaldo, you might have dreamt about being the best in the world,

but you never dared say it out loud. You kept quiet and followed the rules—or you sat on the bench.

After him, you learned to take risks and make your own rules.

To not just play where and how the coach told you, but to sniff out your own prey, attack weaknesses in the defense that only you could see and feel, and never crack under pressure.


Just as Cristiano Ronaldo reivented the way to play football, the TAG Heuer Carrera challenged the classical image of a gentleman's watch by embodying the bold spirit of the legendary Carrera Panamerica Race...

His nickname, CR7, comes from the letters of his name and his jersey number for club and country — Manchester United first, Réal Madrid now, Portugal forever. Born in Madeira in 1985, he shared a single room with his brother and two sisters, and now occupies, alone, the top spot in world football. What sets him apart is not his size, skills and speed, but that he works harder than anyone, on and off the field. Three thousand abdominal crunches per day. Sprints at over 33 km/h— the fastest in football. The most expensive player in history, winner of two FIFA Ballon d’Ors, architect of an astounding 69 goals and 17 assists in 59 games in 2013, Ronaldo represents the apotheosis of the modern game. Fearless in his determination to break every record and win every honour, he is, like TAG Heuer, a path-breaker, a Time Changer who refuses limits and, no matter what, never cracks under pressure.

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